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What are transfer factors s?
Dr Rob Robertson. MD

"This is the most important product ever introduced to allow your natural defence, your immune system, to best protect you against illness." - Dr Rob Robertson. MD

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transfer factors s are found in the immune system of almost all living creatures. They’re nature’s way of conveying a mother’s immune information to her infant through the mother’s first milk (for example, cow colostrum). transfer factors s continue to educate the immune system throughout life, and they can be shared across species. This means that our immune systems can benefit greatly from transfer factors s extracted from animals such as cows and chickens.

• NOT a Vitamin!
• NOT a Mineral!
• NOT a herb!
• NOT a phytonutrient!

transfer factors is not a drug, it is a food to support immune system. transfer factors is an all natural substance that works by "teaching" your own immune system to identify infectious agents that attack your body every day. Rob Robertson, MD: " transfer factors s are tiny protein molecules that are produced by immune cells called T-cells. It allows the immune system to remember conditions for which immunity has already been established. When a person has been infected, for example, with chicken pox in childhood, their body develops a memory of that illness, and prevents the person from becoming re-infected with it later in life. In the future, the specific immune transfer factors molecule for chicken pox will endow the immune system with the exact ‘blueprint’ of what chicken pox looks like, and the body will be able to quickly recognize and respond to any possible re-infection. Many of these transfer factors s - or "immune memory molecules," were introduced to us from our mother’s milk or colostrum, which is the richest source of concentrated transfer factors s known to scientists. transfer factors s in colostrum have the sole purpose of transferring immunity from the mother to the baby’s immature immune system.

All mammals produce transfer factors , but scientists prefer to work with chicken and normal bovine colostrum. A healthy cow already produces millions of different transfer factors s, but when the cow comes into contact with a pathogen such as a virus, it produces a new transfer factors for that specific virus or pathogen. For individuals challenged by specific pathogens – such as those suffering with chronic illnesses like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, supplementation with the appropriate transfer factors molecule may provide the ‘missing link,’ thereby allowing the immune system to target and destroy the offending pathogen, and mitigate the symptoms of the disease."

transfer factors s are very small components naturally found in olostrums, a baby’s first milk from its mother. Through a special, patented (licensed to ) extraction process, we are now able to collect powerful transfer factors molecules from the cow’s first milk, dry them, and then encapsulate them for human consumption. This patented process is very important and sets Transfer Facto apart from any other product. The transfer factors collected from this process is a purified extract containing transfer factors molecules. 

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