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What vets say about transfer factors ?
Dr. Will Falconer, DVM –"Most of the chronic diseases we commonly see in animals (and humans) have an immune basis, e.g. diabetes, allergies, asthma, thyroid disease, inflammatory bowel diseases, repeated ear infections, cancer, etc. While they can be cured through the careful use of homeopathy, the road to cure can be a long one – often years if the animal has had years of disease.

transfer factors s can significantly shorten the course, by giving a much needed balancing effect to the immune system. If the immune system is overactive as in allergies, ear infections, asthma, diabetes, or hypothyroidism, transfer factors can balance this over activity so the system is not attacking its own organs, overreacting to things that shouldn’t be perceived as a threat. If, conversely, the immune system is under-active as in mange, parasites, viral infections, or cancer, transfer factors can clearly stimulate it to better meet the challenges it needs to be alert to."

Will Falconer, DVM is a Certified Veterinary Homeopath. He practices at the Alternatives for Animal Health clinic in Austin, Texas. Bio: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, University of Missouri 1980. Practice followed, with the first seven years providing conventional medical and surgical care to creatures large and small. Retraining in methods natural included certification in acupuncture by the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society, followed by certification as a Veterinary Homeopath by the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy. Dr. Falconer has since 1992 dedicated his practice to classical homeopathy, with animal patients around the globe.

Dr. Richard Bennett, Ph.D.- "Bacterial infections, viral infections and immune system fatigue cause a host of disease problems in pets, especially in very young and older animals. transfer factors naturally provides full immune system power. transfer factors for pets is a natural and science based product for the health of all our animal friends. Dr. Bennett is an Infectious Disease Microbiologist and Immunologist."
Dr. Joe Ramaekers, DVM - " transfer factors is truly the missing link in the nutritional approach to preventive medicine for all pets. It is a powerful immune system activator that has the ability to boost the immune system in an entirely different way."
Dr. William Hennen, Ph.D. - " transfer factors make up a highly concentrated immune messaging system, designed by nature to transfer immune programming from one individual to another, both human and animal alike." " transfer factors s are the most exciting discovery in immunology. As the 21st Century unfolds, transfer factors will be one of our greatest keys to health and well being." Dr. Hennen is Vice President of Research and Development at Research.

Dr. Sam Jones, DVM - " transfer factors has been a remarkable addition to my veterinary practice. It is an amazing immune booster that provides support for so many conditions that animals have."

Article about the benefits of transfer factors in DVM, the Magazine of Veterinary Medicine

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