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What is the source of transfer factors ?
All mammals produce transfer factors ; however scientists prefer to work with bovine (cow) colostrums and egg yolks. uses these sources in its products to harness both the broad spectrum and targeted immune benefits they provide. Both the cow and the chicken live mainly outside where they eat from the ground, drink from a shaed water source, endure all types of weather conditions and contend with all the challenges that come with living in a herd. These open environments leave them exposed to a variety of germs, bacteria and viruses every day, which their immune systems must battle against and then maintain in their memory to keep them healthy throughout their lives. Fortunately, the heroic nature of their immune systems gives them the strength they need to survive. 

transfer factors is able to pass through the stomach unharmed by digestive enzymes and stomach acids. The calf is then able to easily absorb this immune memory molecule, which gives it immunity to all the same pathogens as the calf’s mother. This inherited immunity will protect the baby from the same disease-causing organisms the mother was protected against.

transfer factors crosses mammalian species lines. When a person absorbs transfer factors from a cow’s colostrums or from egg yolks the person develops resistance to the pathogen to which the cow and chicken was exposed.


Patent #6,866,868
This patent, obtained in 2005, protects the unique manufacturing process uses to prepare synergistic combinations of transfer factors s derived from cow colostrum and chicken egg yolks. This new patent specifically applies to all products that contain the transfer factors E-XF blend. This blend was proven in studies to increase immune system activity by 238 percent in transfer factors and 437 percent in transfer factors.

Patent #6,468,534
Research has a patent which secured rights to the extraction process from chicken egg yolks. This patent enabled to generate targeted transfer factors . Targeted transfer factors has highly developed immune abilities designed to focus on the needs of specific body systems. This patent led to an entire line of Targeted transfer factors products that enhance the development of immune functions to meet the specific needs of the cardiovascular system, digestive system, endocrine system and others.

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