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Transfer Factor® Chewable
Transfer Factor Chewable

Discount: 4Life Transfer Factor Chewable (12 for 11) - $505.45

On the go? Just pick up a couple of 4Life Transfer Factor Chewables and you're on your way! 4Life Transfer Factor Chewable comes in a great-tasting citrus-cream flavored chewable tablet and lets you enjoy the same health benefits as 4Life Transfer Factor Advanced Formula.

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Primary Benefits:

• Supports your body’s ability to remember past invasions, promoting efficiency and health within the immune system
• Educates naive immune cells about a present or potential danger in your body along with a plan for action
• Supports the recognition phase of a health threat
• Promotes immune system balance

What makes this product unique?

• Transfer factors are tiny messenger molecules that transfer immunity information from one entity to another, such as between a mother and her breastfeeding infant.
• Our exclusive Transfer Factor E-XF™ blend combines the power and strength of transfer factors from cow colostrum and egg yolks for a broad spectrum of immune support.
• The extraction processes for transfer factors from colostrum and egg sources are protected by US patents 6,468,534 (egg yolks) and 6,866,868 (exclusive manufacturing techniques), with other patents pending.
• Independent laboratory studies show that 4Life Transfer Factor E-XF boosts immune system effectiveness by raising Natural Killer cell function an impressive 283 percent. Natural Killer cells are on the front lines of your immune system.


Transfer Factor E-XF (a patented concentrate of transfer factors and other natural components from cow colostrum and egg yolk).

One bottle is designed to last one month

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