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Dosage And Directions For Giving transfer factors To Animals

Directions for giving the human formula transfer factors to animals, as suggested by the Company:

transfer factors or transfer factors Tri Factor Formula:

• Small Animals 0-13 kg - One quarter - to one capsule daily
• 13-30 kg - One capsule 2 times a day
• 27 kg - One capsule 3 times a day
• Large Animals - One capsule 3 times a day

transfer factors Tri Factor Formula:

• Small Animals 1-18 kg - One quarter - to one capsule daily
• 20-30 kg - One capsule once a day for 3 days and increase to 2 capsules a day.
• 30 kg - One capsule 2 times a day to be gradually increased to 3 capsules a day.
• Large Animals - One to two capsules 2-3 times a day.

Dosage for Caged Birds: (as suggested by Dr. Falconer DVM) "Use transfer factors animal stress pack. Mix 1 level tsp./ 2 oz. (5T.) water. Give as drinking water. For larger amounts (pigeons, poultry, etc.) mix 1 to 2 oz. (1/2 to 1 packet) Stress Pack with 1 gallon of drinking water. Change water daily and give 7-14 days. This would be useful in any infectious diseases and is intended for use in short term (max 14 days) only. I also use the animal stress pack when I want to get high levels of the TF in someone right away. It's very soluble and tasty in this form. For longer term use, say in liver disease or tumors, I'd graduate to the TF Plus Feline Complete, guestimating the dosage based on bodyweight from the cat dose. This is a powdered form with a very good balance of added nutrients that cats readily accept. I'd guess it could be top dressed on some moist bird food like fruit."

Note: Some veterinarians start animals on a small amount of transfer factors for 3 consecutive days to make sure to not overwhelm the immune system, and increase the dose gradually. The content of the capsule can be mixed with pet food or treats (sardines, cheese, etc.) Some pet owners find it easier to shove a capsule in the pet's throat or to mix the content in a little broth and use a syringe to inject the product into the animal's mouth.

Note: Although transfer factors and transfer factors are best given throughout the day, satisfactory results have been obtained by giving the dose once a day. The company recommends doubling or tripling these amounts if the animal is ill in order to increase the efficiency of the immune system further.
There is no report of overdosing on transfer factors or transfer factors even when consuming massive amounts. These products have absolutely no toxicity or side effects even at mega doses. You may increase the amounts even further to achieve the desired level of immune efficiency.

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