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Resurgen - testimonials

Asthma: I want to share my results. I have been suffered from asthma many years. I learned about Resurgen from one of my good friends. “Why don’t you try it? May be it will help you” – she said. And I decided to try. At the beginning of use of Resurgen I get a slight worsening, but a week later I begun to feel much better and attacks stopped. At the moment, I have been using Resurgen for two months and my condition has improved significantly. I am very happy that I met this wonderful product! Sincerely, Vitaly, Moscow.

Rheumatoid Arthritis: This is truly a miracle for me! Half year ago I experience a lot of joint swelling in my hands, shoulders, knees and ankles. That pain would simply jump around in my body without warning and I kept going to the doctor who concluded I had either strained a muscle or had a torn rotator cup. Eventually after CATS and MRIs showed no problems the doctor gave me a blood test and when it came back she said that I had Lupus. I was prescribed a series of medications that made me very ill. After researching more about lupus it occurred to me that I needed to find a doctor that specialized in autoimmune deficiencies. I found a doctor who specialized in autoimmune diseases and after a series of blood test this doctor told me I had RA, Rheumatoid Arthritis. She said that my RA factors were over 200 and started me on a methotrexate, and other RA combo drugs including, prednisone, cortisone shots and painkillers. I eventually ended up switching to other RA drugs and weekly injections of Enbrel shots. I was constantly praying for something natural I could take that would cure this horrible and unforgiving disease. My doctor insisted that there was no cure for RA and that I needed to accept the fact that I would be on medication for the rest of my life, that RA was not reversible. The side effects of the medications were at times unbearable. A friend of mine introduced me to RESURGEN. Within the first week of taking the RESURGEN I began to feel better! It has only been 30 days and I have not taken any medications for arthritis. I have been pain free and I have not had any joint swelling. This is truly a miracle for me and it is what I have been looking for. I am recommending it to everyone I know that has RA. I believe that RESURGEN is the all-natural product that is healing my body from the inside out. You must give it a try! Jane.

Arthritis: Resurgen - just saving for our mother. Resurgen - just saving for our mother, she is 87 years old and has arthritis. After two weeks after the start on Resurgen she was able to wear her own shoes, sitting to lift his leg and reaches out to the toe. Also, once we found her so busy - arranging brushes on mats. All her life she was a perfectionist, and in recent years due to her health conditions she was not able to do many things… but now she can do them again. We are very happy to learn about such a great product as Resurgen and recommend it to all our friends, especially the elderly ones. Olga, Moscow.

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