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Composition of Resurgen - Propolis

Uses based on tradition or theory: Acne, anti-spasm, anticoagulant, antioxidant, blood clots, bowel diseases, cancer, Crohn's disease, dermatitis, dilation of veins (vasorelaxant), diverticulitis, eczema, eye infections/inflammation, fungal infections, HIV, immune stimulation, immunomodulatory, laryngitis, liver protection, low blood pressure, nasopharyngeal carcinoma, osteoporosis, prostate carcinoma, pruritis (itching), psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, skin rejuvenator, stomach ulcer, thyroid disease, tuberculosis, ulcerative colitis, viral infections, wound healing.

Propolis is a natural resin created by bees, used in the construction of hives. Propolis is produced from the buds of conifer and poplar tress, in combination with beeswax and other bee secretions. Historically, propolis was used in Greece to treat abscesses and by the Assyrians to heal wounds and tumors.

Uses based on scientific evidence: Burns, Cornea complications from zoster, Dental pain, Dental plaque and gingivitis (mouthwash), Dental wound healing, Genital herpes simplex virus (HSV) infection, Infections, Legg-Calve-Perthes disease/avascular hip necrosis, Prevention of colds, Rheumatic diseases.

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