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Composition of Resurgen - Common bilberry

The bilberry contains significant quantities of phytochemicals, which are believed to assist in the lowering of blood pressure, as well as inhibiting formation of blood clots. The humble bilberry fruit is also thought to enhance the supply of blood to the nervous system. There have been some studies which have shown that the bilberry's antioxidants are as much as 50 times more powerful as vitamin E and 10 times more powerful than vitamin C.

Bilberries are really beneficial for the human body as it helps in healing diseases like mucous membrane inflammation, varicose veins and diarrhea. It even helps in improving eye's health as well as for the arteries as it helps in hardening them. Many people have benefited from the herb as it also helps in improving the night vision of a person. As a result it was used by the British pilots at the time of World War II. Even according to many researches done on the herb, results have shown that it acts very beneficial for the eyes as it helps the eyes in the adjustment at the time of quick change in light.

A well as eye health, bilberry has, for a long time, been used in traditional medicine for treatment of diabetes, indigestion and other conditions.

Researchers have shown that blueberry anthocyanins, proanthocyanidins, flavonols and tannins inhibit mechanisms of cancer cell development. Researches have also shown that blueberries may help prevent urinary tract infections. Blueberry consumption lowered cholesterol and total blood lipid levels, possibly affecting symptoms of heart disease.

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