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What is pH balance? The Importance of ph Balance

According to a current stream of research, the natural pH in the human body fluctuates, over a 24 hour period, between alkalosis and acidosis. If this oscillation did not occur, it would be impossible for the various biochemical processes in the body to take place and metabolism would grind to a halt. This ebb and flow in our pH is precisely what drives the engine of biological life. These are only small fluctuations around the point of equilibrium, but they are sufficient to create biochemical motion.

Although it is generally accepted that pH is the inverse logarithm of the concentration of hydrogen ions, the concepts of this almost mathematical definition are virtually impossible to understand. What it really means is that pH tells us the quantity of hydrogen ions in a solution, and more specifically, for what concerns us here, in the human body. Hydrogen ions have a positive electric charge and there is a constant state of equilibrium between these and other hydroxide ions which have a negative charge. The result of this interplay is that the quantities of both in a solution will always remain constant (ionic result), because if one rises then the other must inevitably fall. When the number of hydrogen ions rises, the positive electrical charge will rise and the negative charge, in the form of OH or hydroxide ions, will fall. In such a case we say that we are in a state of acidosis, and in the opposite case, when the negative charges predominate, we would be in alkalosis. As we can easily deduce, the oscillation of these electrical charges creates an electromagnetic field, and this is the first moment in scientific medicine that such fields are mentioned. It is therefore that in physics, a magnetic field is defined as that place in space where electromagnetic forces occur and since Maxwell, the concepts of electrical charge and electromagnetic charge have been intertwined. So when we speak of pH, we are also speaking of electromagnetic fields.

Every living biological system, be it an ant, a plant, or a bacterium, even a single cell, is therefore an electromagnetic field fluctuating between positive and negative charges, and owes its life to this motion.

This motion can only be explained by the living organisms’ drive to escape a state of charge, be it negative or positive, to find repose, or in other words, electro-neutrality, but absence of charge would mean the end of biochemical motion, which would be the same as death. If we call that fruitless drive ‘life’ and the absence of that compulsion, ‘death’, then we could conclude that all organisms seek death. Following along these lines, we could define ‘life’ as the eternal quest for electro-neutrality or ‘death’. As it happens, the precise point of equilibrium is never found, so the organism ends up moving continuously from one state of charge to its opposite. In other words, it is like a scale of unbalanced equilibrium in which the organism is forced to make constant back and forth oscillations. As this fluctuation in pH continues over 24 hours, each oscillation must be not only of equal amplitude in each direction, but also of equal speed. As such, the system always leans either towards alkalosis or acidosis, in each case giving rise to different illnesses.

Only by regulating this system, when it is in an altered state, can health be restored.

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