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Testimonials, Cancer

Surviving 3 different types of cancer (back): 1. Mesothelioma - Diagnosed in May of 1989; No cancer treatments would help to shrink the lining of the lung. Prognosis: incurable; life expectancy - 2 years A lot of prayers, along with a multitude of very costly vitamins and a gallon of bitter taheebo tea daily. February 1991 - no cancer showing in blood test and x-rays showed lung had returned almost to normal.

2. Prostate- Diagnosed in December 2000, because of high PSA. Prognosis: Stage 3.5; without surgery 2 - 3 years Treatment: removal of prostate and lymph nodes 2 weeks after surgery, blood test - clear

3. Non-Small Cell Carcinoma - Found a mass on yearly medical exam x-ray. Many test later in March 2004 the mass was Diagnosed and it was also discovered that I had a large mass in the lymph node between the two lungs in the sac holding the heart and lungs. Prognosis: incurable because it had metastasized to the lymph node. 7 or 8 months at best. May get another 1 to 2 years with radical amounts of Chemo and radiation. Treatments ran from August 9th to December 13, 2004 everyday for 5 - 6 days each week. I had no appetite, was exhausted, forgetful, skeleton skinny at 116 pounds and scared to go out for fear of catching the flu that was going around. I did get pneumonia 3 times from April to November 2005. During all this my wife, family and friends thought I would be dead by Xmas as I was sleeping most of the time because of extreme weakness.

My wife's friend had sent an email to her about Marine Phytoplanktonaround the first week in November, but due to her worry she never took the time to go to the websites. Finally our friend called my wife and us and I listened to "Another Day" and read other testimonials. I started on it about the first week in December and within a few days my wife noticed that the grey paler parts of my skin were being replaced with a rosier glow, and the twinkle was back in my eyes. I noticed that I was not sleeping through the day anymore, and that I had more energy. The next few days my appetite returned and I was eating 3 meals a day and snacking in between. I started to gain weight again. Today February 16th, 2006 I went for my check up at the Cancer Clinic were my blood work was a-okay, my x-ray clear and the Doctor could not hear any rattling in my lungs. I am now 134 pounds and feel fit as a fiddle. K. F..

Overcoming Chemotherapy Sickness (back): A recent client of mine is a woman with breast, bone and liver cancer who started taking Marine Phytoplankton about two weeks ago. Previously unable to keep anything down and having very little energy, she is now very excited and is experiencing a complete turnaround. She has worked up to two ounces a day, has much improved energy, and can now eat with no problem. Her pH has come up from 5.6 to 6.2 as well. Prior to starting on this program, she had undergone chemotherapy and radiation, which made her quite ill. Her blood work, after about 10 days, has improved. Needless to say, she is ecstatic and grateful to have been exposed to Marine Phytoplankton. Her family can't believe the change!" D. W.

Carcinoid Tumor (back): Ihave a rare cancer, called Carcinoid Tumor, I was diagnosed on 10/31/03, at 40, mother of three, my youngest now almost three, I have been facing the unthinkable early death. There is no known cure for Carcinoid, it is managed by being surgically removed and then attempts are made to stabilize existing tumors or new tumor growth by an injected drug that has been developed to "fence the disease in" thus buying time for the patient. On December 8th, 2003, I had a major nine hour surgery at The Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN, successfully removing 98% of the tumors. I was left with a tumor in my spleen and one on my lung. Nine months later I was begun on the 30-mg. injection to try to keep the cancer from growing. In the past 22 months, I have returned to The Mayo, every twelve weeks for CT scans and blood and urine tests. I have been seen to develop seven new tumors to my liver, giving me a total of nine known tumors total. Then on October 4th, just 30 days ago, I took my first ounce of the Marine Phytoplankton, I have taken four tablespoons or 2 ounces per day; one on an empty stomach in the morning and one before bed, I have not missed a single dose. Beside sleeping better, feeling better and looking better, I have just returned from my three day trip to The Mayo Clinic where I had a CT scan to monitor the seven spots on my liver, so that it could be decided if I should undergo RFA or Radio Frequency Ablation, a surgical technique to remove these tumors from my liver. This is what happened instead. My husband and I sat in total disbelief as we were told that there are no tumors on my liver, and the tumor in my spleen has also vanished!!!! Eight out of nine tumors are GONE! I have never written a testimonial in my life, but at this point, I feel it is my responsibility to do so. Is my Sandostatin injection the sole reason for this miracle? I doubt it, since I have managed to develop seven new tumors in spite of it, and research shows that the injection to act mainly as a band-aid, and NOT a cure. Have I just been blessed? Yes, because in my opinion, The Marine Phytoplankton drink was divinely inspired, and it seems about as clear as my CT scans, that the answer is YES! In writing this I hope you and your family will find the healing you are hoping for, or at the very least, will become healthier and feel better while you're looking." C. H.

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