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Application of Marine Phytoplankton in Veterinary Medicine

Sudden Paralysis Recovery of Persian Cat (back): One Sunday morning, at 10:00a.m. (Sunday Aug. 26, 2007) our persian cat, Angel, was having trouble moving around. As we have a new member kitty in our household she has been a little stressed lately and likes to stay in small areas. I think this makes her feel safe. Also because of this I haven’t been grooming her much as she doesn’t handle stress very well and isn’t a sociable cat. I picked her up and laid her on my bed while I had a cup of coffee and read my Bible. I was also taking this time to observed her and something just didn’t look right.

At appx. 10:30 a.m. I picked her up and put her on the floor and she could hardly walk or keep herself up. I called in my husband and right away he started looking for a vet. Not to treat her but to diagnose her so I know what I’m dealing with. We are in the mountains and there is very little out here and the only vet open on a Sunday was 80 miles. away. We left for the vet at 1 pm. By now, Angel had now lost the whole use of her back end. So this is going down hill extremely fast. The veterinarian's test results were as follows:

  • White Cell count Should be-3500-16,000 and hers is 24,000
  • Her Liver is inflamed and normal count there is 10-100 and hers is 1,779
  • They think she has a blood clot or a growth pressing on her leg. Possibly both.
  • They want me to have an ultra sound done to see if they can find the clot and where it is and where it is going.
  • Because she has a fever and such a high white blood count that's a sign of infection.
  • So even though she seems to be a little better she is still a very sick kitty.
  • This so far has cost me $300.00. I just couldn’t afford the ultra sound

On the way home I was running my fingers threw her hair and noticed how skinny she was. I think she’s been feeling bad for a while and not eating well. It’s kind of hard to tell how much the cats are eating when you have 3. As Angel is a Persian she has a lot of hair and she is really fluffy. We got home at 3:30 p.m. and I immediately gave her a baby spoon of Frequensea and again at supper and appx. 9 p.m. By 10:30 p.m. she got up and walked to her water bowl and drank some water! Also she went and peed in her litter box. Now I had to put her in as it was difficult with her bad leg. Holy Smokes blow me away with a feather. This stuff works FAST!! However she was dragging her right back leg; it was straight out like a ruler. I made her a bed on the floor beside my bed and I knew I wasn’t going to sleep all night, being concerned, however she’s improved so much. So I prayed and left her in God’s hands and I fell asleep and slept well and woke up at 6:30 a.m. to find her sitting there with her head up and looking very alert and purring.

Dog with mast cell cancer (back): My dog suffers from mast cell cancer. A cancer that is composed of parasites and bad cells. Cheryl and I were searching for answers to help Boomer. Cheryl stumbled on the marine phytoplankton information and when I viewed the site the info blew me away. Without even hesitating I ordered the product and started giving it to the dog. He just drinks it right up. The tumor on his leg was the size of a softball and in just over a month and it is now the size of a quarter!

Because of the great results with Boomer, my husband Bill started taking it. He has been unable to breathe, or smell or even taste since working in his "sick" building a year ago! He takes 2 oz. a day and without realizing, he came home and asked what was that smell? I nearly fell over in amazement. Bill is quite the non-believer of anything that isn’t from a doctor, and here he is asking what the smell was. He couldn't figure it out but I expect within another few weeks he will be tasting again too! He can breath freely again. As for myself, I am taking Frequensea for high cholesterol, which has caused cholesterol deposits in my gallbladder, causing gallbladder attacks. After a month, I am no longer having attacks and the pain that was radiating on my side is gone as well. I have included my labs done after just one month on Frequensea and I know they will just get better as I stay on the Frequensea. I am pretty certain that the polyps/stones in the gallbladder have broken down and passed naturally.

My cholesterol went from 219 to 210 that's down 9 points in exactly 1 month. My triglycerides went from 90 to 78 and my thyroid is back in the normal range from being low. Though my thyroid is borderline, it’s on the rise to stay in the normal range. I have now lost 15lbs in just one month. AND I AM NOT EVEN TRYING!!!!! My skin has cleared up, my ulcer is on the mend, andmy digestion is better...a lot less gas and bloating!!!! No aches and pains in the lower back and the neck is doing better as well! Oh the hands stopped shaking!!! That was like immediate! Cheryl was the one to notice that and I hadn't even picked up on it!!! So whatever neurological thing was going on.... it's not anymore!" Katie, Bill, Billy and Boomer

Feline with severe liver failure (back): "Last fall my cat became really sick with severe liver failure, she actually went down to being just skin and bones. A friend of mine, a veterinary assistant and nutritionist of many years, told me that the only way I could possibly save my cat was by force feeding her a high protein diet every two hours. I had read years ago that it is actually the wrong approach to feed an ill person protein since it takes too much energy to digest, so when my cat declined cat food and tuna I decided to follow the wisdom of her body. The only thing I ever forced her to take was marine phytoplankton (FrequenSea) (1/2 to 1 teaspoon a day) and filtered water and Pedialyte for hydration. I also did energy healing on her and prayed for her. could notice a small improvement in my cat after a few days of Frequen~Sea and energy healing combined. My rationale was to help her detoxify and clean out the liver, and the FrequenSea would be giving her the energy to stay alive and work through this phase. With her weight loss I decided to deal later. Over the course of several weeks with these "treatments" my cat slowly got a little strength back, also gained a little bit of weight. I would put pureed tuna and tuna water on my hand and entice her to take some all the time, but never forced her. The first thing that she decided to eat on her own again was the seed part of cantaloupe, one of her favorites. I decided to keep trusting her body - it actually made perfect sense that she would eat this first since it cleans the body because of the high water content. From here she progressed to pieces of cantaloupe, then some tuna and some kitten food (only out of my hand), all the while I kept giving her the FrequenSea once or twice a day which I squirted into her mouth with a syringe without a needle. After about 5 months my cat became healthy again and gained her normal strength and weight back. Her fur is actually more silky and beautiful now than it ever was before. I put a few drops of FrequenSea into the water bowls for all of my cats every day now - their furs have also become softer and shinier, they throw up hairballs less frequently. In my opinion the combination of FrequenSea and energy healing is almost foolproof, an opinion that was also supported by Dr. Rodier." Annette K.

Marine Phytoplankton Saved a Dog's Life (back): "I adopted my dog Jojo a few yeals ago. He was 13 at the time and about to go to the pound because his previous owner was moving and couldn't keep him. When he came to me he was showing signs of age. He had a hard time walking and his eyesight and hearing were a bit impaired. Eventually, he came to a point where he would no longer eat. This went on for seven days. He would find a secluded corner and sleep most of the time. I felt like he was just miserable, hardly alive and going downhill fast. As each day passedI would watch him get a little worse. I finally made the heartbreaking decision to take him to the vet and have him put to sleep. Someone told me about the Marine PhytoPlankton and I decided to try it on Jojo as a last resort. I started giving him a small amount of a marine phytoplankton tonic with his evening meal. In two months, Jojo made a complete recovery. I used to have to wake him up when I got home from work. Now Jojo greets me at the door barking and wagging his tail' His eyesight and hearing have also improved - he seems more aware of his sunoundings and is playful and attentive. I don't think he would be in such good health if it weren't for adding marine phytoplankton tonic to his diet. It has literally made the difference for him. My son has dubbed it Jojo's go-go juice. I am grateful for this product for bringing our family pet back to health." Dan R.

"I have been giving my precious 7 month old Westie, Maggie, the newer formula of Marine phytoplankton FrequenSea since we got her at 2 ½ months old. She gets so excited when she sees the bottle. I give her approximately 1 tsp. a day on her food or sometimes she simply licks the teaspoon before I can pour it on the food. She weighs 12 lbs. She has not experienced any stomach distress or diarrhea. She is extremely alert, especially immediately following the FrequenSea. Everyone says she is the smartest pup they have seen.  My experience with Marine phytoplankton FrequenSea is that the synergy of ingredients is phenomenal." Kathy Jones


Hummingbirds testimonial (back): "Last year I decided to feed the hummingbirds since I had spotted a few around my flowers.All summer I couldn't tell if the hommingbirds were feeding or if the solution I had purchased had just evaporated due to the heat. I barely glimpsed a bird or two, but by the end of the week the feeder was usually almost empty. It was a mystery. This year, I decided to continue with the "feeding", but this time( at the suggestion of my daughter) I added a few drops of FrequenSea to the nectar. To my delight, the birds love it so much they are working me to a frazzle trying to keep it filled. I have no trouble seeing the hummingbirds now, because at any given time they are gathered at the feeder taking turns. They seeem to be having a great time feasting! I attribute the difference from last year to the addition of the FrequenSea." Barbara Taylor.

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