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Multiple Health Challenges (back): Over the years I wasn't kind to my body and ran a gamut of health issues: 

1. Car Accident - 1997 - someone ran into the back of me as I, along with another car, had stopped for a transit bus. I was pushed into the back end of the car ahead of me and sustained injuries to a total of 5 vertebrae in my upper and lower back. I was on mega doses of pain meds and ended up taking Zoloft 100mgs per day for depression.
2. Reflux - Put on Pantoloc 40 mgs per day because of the stresses of my depression and the meds I was on.
3. Mini-Strokes I had 2 of them in 2003 and now I take Aggrenox 25 mgs twice a day.
4. Obesity - Have been severely overweight since 1998, Tried every kind of diet known to man since.
5. Cholesterol - very high; taking a statin Lipitor 40 mgs per day.
6. High Blood Pressure Hard to control without Ramapril 20 mgs per day.
7. Type 11 Diabetes - Controlled by eating better.
8. Broke Tibia Plateau - actually had major work to repair damage from a fall in June 2004. On bed rest for months and the pain was terrible. I had to have the screws taken out this January as they were trying to come through my skin.

I started taking 2 ounces per day in December but had to quit so my husband would have enough to last until the New year. I made a decision to forgo buying my Lipitor and Ramapril so we could afford more Marine Phytoplankton. I have noticed a substantial weight loss of about 25 pounds, the pain in my neck, back and leg was not unbearable. Now I have energy, my tongue has cleared of the horrid dirty yellow coating. I went to a Doctor for a total check up before my surgery the end of January because they had to know if it was safe for me to be put out or not. I have never had a doctor tell me that I was a very healthy person and that every test came back normal. I also noticed that I didn't need pain meds after I got home the day of my surgery and the healing process was amazing. M. L. F

High blood pressure, candida, sleep disorder, bladder control and mental fog (back): I have struggled for many years with a variedy of health issues, including high blood pressure, candida, sleep disorder, bladder control and mental fog.  Doctors prescribed a bunch of medications but they only gave me temporary relief  – just putting a band-aid on the problem. When I began taking marine phytoplankton juice, I  experienced a " cleansing" effect.  Detoxing.. my stomach was sore and upset telling me that the drink was addressing digestive issues right away. Probably gall bladder and intestines.  I continued taking ½ oz twice a day and in 4 days I felt “clean” inside.  I now had a clear head…THE FOG HAD LIFTED!  I get energy immediately after drinking it.  I have a feeling of calm and am handeling stress better. My skin is softer, my hair is getting thicker.  I am sleeping through the night because I’m not getting up to go to the bathroom and the minerals are a natural relaxant. Calcium and magnesium. I am very happy with this whole food juice and will continue to take it because it is continuing to nourish me down to the cell level. My female boxer, Vandy, had tumors all over body and inside her mouth.  I gave her the same marine phytoplankton juce in within a month all tumors were gone.  There is also an “even keel” about her. She's very calm now. No longer hyper." Jeanine.

Bi-polar / Manic Depression (back): "I was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder or manic depression. I have been taking Marine Phytoplantkon every day for 2 months now and I have to say I feel great on it. I have a much for positive attitude toward life and seem far more able to look to the future. Personally I feel that, coming from the base of the food chain, Marine Phytoplankton supports and nourishes our most basic instincts and provides much needed neurological support. My mood swings seem much more stable now, and depressive episodes seem much easier to shrug off. My thinking is much clearer, as are my levels of concentration. Marine Phytoplankton has definitely improved the quality of my life, and long may it continue! In my experience it is 'food for the soul'. T. S.

81 y old with great energy: Dr. Robert Rowe Ph.D (back): "My 81 year old mother had been telling me how much energy she had been having since taking the phytoplankton. However she had misunderstood the amount she should be taking – she was consuming mere drops, rather than the proper ounces. Having been a student of homeopathy, it suddenly dawned on me there must be a major energy component activated, even though her dosage was so small. The work of Fritz Popp came to mind: Dr. Popp, a world renowned physicist, found that living things emit small packets of light called photons. We can see the phosphorescence produced in the ocean when the water is stirred at night; we are able to see the sparkling photon light produced. Dr. Popp was able to show that the effects of a compound could be duplicated just by bombarding water with the electromagnetic frequency of the compound, which is how homeopathy works. about Dr. Rowe

Quadruple bypass, diabetes (back): A man, 80 years old started using Phytoplankton. He had had a quadruple bypass, and has diabetes. After three days of using it he reported that he has no more hip pain, no more foot pain, and has a reduction in his blood sugar levels of 40+ points. He says he hasn't felt this good in forty years!

Osteoporosis (back): A woman who has osteoporosis later had an accident which caused a hairline fracture in her foot. The doctor said that with her osteoporosis it would probably take 3-6 months for it to heal. However, she found out about Marine Phytoplankton and soon started taking it. Within a day, the pain was about 50%. Within 5 days, she was walking normally without pain. Three weeks after the break, she returned to the doctor (pain-free) who determined that the bone fracture was fused.

Pregnancy and Marine Phytoplankton (back): At sixteen weeks pregnant she was suffering with extremely exhausting morning sickness, sometimes leaving her bedridden. Within two days of starting to take phytoplankton, she stopped vomiting and stopped having morning sickness.

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