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Obsessive Cmpulsive Disorder

My mother has OCD (Obsessive compulsive disorder). This disorder makes your mind think that if you do an action, or have a thought, one more time you will feel better. We think Mum has had this disorder since her teenage years. It has never been treated. When I was a child doctors prescribed Valium for her. My childhood was different from others.

She spent her life trying to cover her disorder. Then nearly 10 yrs ago at 67 she fell over and broke her arm. It was too much; she completely lost herself in her disorder. Her days are a series of events that are one string of obsessions. Food must be eaten at exactly the same time each day and the food is exactly the same every day. 8am - Weetbix. 11am - pita bread with cheese. 2pm - a banana (this must be eaten facing the front door leaning against the sink). 7pm - cornflakes (the bowl is tapped and both arms are looked at before each spoonful is taken). She washes the dishes and sink, but only the sink, there could be spider webs past the line onto the bench but it cannot be wiped. She must go back to bed after each activity, take all her clothes off and lay on her right side (during the day) and the left (at night) this is in the fetal position. All water is drunk in the bedroom. Her walk is slow and invalid like. Every 2 weeks she showers and we take her to the doctor for a Serepax prescription. She wears the same clothes every day. These clothes are never to be washed.

She was in hospital about 8 years ago for 6 months, and then the hospital asked her to leave. She would not cooperate with the doctors at all. They said she was the most stubborn patient they had ever encountered. The other issue that has been happening over the past 10 yrs is she has been reducing the amount she eats, just by a cornflake at a time. She started with a meal at dinnertime of chicken, potato and broccoli. This disappeared about 5 yrs ago. The pita bread as it stood 5 weeks ago had one slither of cheese.

So as you can imagine she was not looking all that good. I went for a visit after I got back from America and she looked dreadful. Her skin was grayish, her cheeks were sunken, she was a skeleton and quite miserable. I spoke to her about the fact that the blue nurses were concerned about her health and that it was possible she would be taken away on a ITO (involuntary treatment order). She said she couldn't do anything about it. She was unable to swallow anything other than what she eats now. She said the symptoms she was feeling were understandable due to the lack of nutrition. I suggested we put a buzzer on her so that when she fell down from weakness she could buzz me. Then I asked if she would please try my new product Marine Phytoplankton, the kids and I were feeling very good on it and some amazing story's had been told at the conference and it just might help. "OK but no buzzer Shelley".

That was 5 weeks ago. She started taking a dose in the morning and one at night. It became another obsession. After 2 weeks her skin started to take on a normal tone, the sunken cheeks seemed less. She smiled and had become chatty. After 3 weeks she walked up 2 blocks to the car from her doctors surgery. She has taken on the organizing of the mowing. And last night she rang to order her food - Bread/eggs/yogurt and chocolate. It knocked my socks off. She said she has been eating a lot more than usual and that thoughts of food had started about 3 nights ago when she could not stop thinking about different sorts of food she could eat. Starting she said with egg sandwiches and chocolate.

I took her up a box of chocolate straight away. Evelyn (my daughter) handed her the box and said "Happy Mother's day". Mum reached out her hand and stroked Evelyn's cheek, smiled and said thank you. That was the first time my mother has ever touched her 6yr old granddaughter. It bought tears to my eyes. Evelyn later touched her cheek on the same spot and said "Grandma looked younger today" Marine Phytoplankton feeds your body at a cellular level, which allows your body to heal itself." S. L.

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