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I'm "only" 48 years old, and have been struggling with hypothyroidism for years now. My doctor has gradually increased my dosage over the years to where I have now been at a whopping .212 mcg/day. I have been using Marine Phytoplankton since August 2005 and have noticed significant and amazing improvements in so many areas of my life (including people who literally didn't recognize me from 6 months ago)... but the most measurable is this: Last week I started feeling jittery and anxious, and I suddenly realized that's how I felt whenever I was on too much thyroid medicine. I made an appointment with my doctor for a blood test to check the levels. When I got there, the nurse told me I was early and I thought she meant I got the appointment time wrong. Then she told me I was 3 months early; the doctor didn't "need" to have my levels tested for another 3 months. I told her I had been on a nutritional supplement that has been known to normalize thyroid levels, and since I'd been feeling jittery, I felt I should have it checked. I could tell she thought I was nuts, but who cares? When the results came in, the nurse said "Mary, we got the results back on your thyroid test, and the doctor wants you to stop taking the nutritional supplement." I'll confess that years of indoctrination created an initial split-second reaction of "Oh, no! It's not good for me!" Then logic, reason and common sense immediately took control and I asked her for more details. She said that my thyroid number was low, indicating I'm overmedicated, and that whatever supplement I was taking was to blame (not her exact words, but the inference was there). I explained that it was not just any old supplement for thyroid, but a complete nutritional supplement... and that I'd hoped for the results I'd just gotten! I then told her, laughingly, to tell the doctor "No, you'll have to shoot me first before I'll go off of it!" and, instead, could he reduce my dosage. She called me later and said the doctor had lowered my dose from .212 mcg to .100 mcg/day! That's less than half of what I've been taking! " 

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