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I became a massage therapist four years ago.  I was absolutely thrilled!  I had finally found my calling.  I loved it.  Not only did it feel right but it provided more than enough for me and my family financially.  Then about six months into my career my hands started to break out.  Not just break out but literally “break out”.  My skin split open and bled, I had oozing welts, I itched, I burned; I couldn’t stand it!  There would be certain people I would work on that would make my hands burn the entire time.  Unfortunately I had to completely stop massaging. I went to numerous doctors who couldn’t pin point a diagnosis but would tell me it was a general allergic reaction.  Allergic reaction to what?  I went crazy trying all kinds of different creams, lotions, oils, soaps, detergents, etc., etc.  I even tried wearing gloves!  On any given day my hands would be normal…I’d do one massage and it would take me weeks to clear up my “allergic reaction”.  

After about a year of trying everything I could think of and doing massive amounts of research I decided that it must all be in my head.  I must have some sort of subconscious block against my beloved career.  So the meditation, prayer, and affirmations began.  And continued.  Still nothing.  I gave up!  My massage career was over.  Maybe some day I would find a solution… About two months ago I started massaging again.  Only two massages every Friday so my hands would have time to heal during the week.  Then one morning I had a message from my sister, who is a medical transcriptionist; she was positive she had found a diagnosis for my hands.  She was typing notes for a dermatologist who was treating a patient with similar symptoms to what I have but they were on her feet.  (I couldn’t even imagine that agony – I would stay in bed and cry forever!)  When she did an internet research for the dermatologist’s diagnosis, a picture of my hands came up!  (Not actually mine, but could have been)  Finally after years of nothing I had a lead.

I took that lead and ran.  I ran into an amazing website with all kinds of natural healing ideas.  This website led me to the website that would change my life…the information page on Marine phytoplankton.  I had lots of internal struggles about ordering something so expensive that might not even work.  I didn’t order at first.  Something kept telling me to order it (I now believe my angels can sometimes be very pesty!).  I took the plunge. I can’t even begin to tell you what I felt inside as I realized I had found my answer.  Since I had been massaging every Friday my hands were horrible.  I was working through the pain for the little bit of extra money it was bringing my family.  My hands completely healed up within one week of drinking my daily dose of 1 oz!  It was amazing!  I am now massaging full time again.  It’s good to be back doing what I love without suffering!  In addition to my miracle, I decided to try giving marine phytoplankton (FrequenSea)  to my 6 year old daughter.  She had been suffering from asthma and allergies for months.  We could not get her to clear up.  She was on prescription antihistamines and decongestants as well as a nebulizer.  I went ahead and gave her ½ oz every night for three days.  She woke up on the fourth morning with no symptoms!  She asks every night to take "the vitamin juice". 

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