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What Doctors Say?
Dr. Jerry Tennant M.D., Board-Certified in Ophthalmology and Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery: "So how do you fix the control mechanisms of the body, the neurochemicals, and the mineral on/off switches? The most efficient way I've ever found to do that is with FrequenSea." "Marine phytoplankton, in the form of FrequenSea, is one of the most important things you can do for people with chronic disease." Read more about Dr. Jerry Tennant.
Dr. Hugo Rodier M.D., Board-Certified Family Practitioner
: "And so, we know that sea plankton has all the right ingredients; the right amino acids, the right sugars, the right micro-nutrients, the right fats, the right antioxidants, the right vitamins, in such a degree, that consumption of sea plankton alone, as a superfood, should be very successful in treating practically all diseases." Read more about Dr. Hugo Rodier.
Dr. Bob Rowe, Director of British Columbia College of Chiropractors: "If it (phytoplankton) feeds the largest creatures on the planet (whales), it must have an amazing, rich, nutrient value." "If you go back to the literature and look at what actually keeps us healthy, it's not the individual nutrients, it's not vitamins, it's not particular minerals, but it's the combination."Read more about Dr. Bob Rowe.


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