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My wife is diabetic and after she got breast cancer we hit some hard times and could not afford her medication. Her sugar count went to 318, which is high. I told my sister about this, and she had a bottle of Marine Phytoplankton. She stated that Marine Phytoplankton has been known to lower sugar count for diabetics. I picked up the bottle and gave Juanita one ounce that evening. The very next morning her count had dropped 88 points. I told a friend about Juanita's experience with Marine Phytoplankton and had him try it. His sugar count dropped 103 points the next day. We kept track of Juanita's a.m. and p.m. tests for two weeks... up and down, up and down but the highs were not as high and lows were lower. After 10 days the lows were in the 120's & highs were 212 to 250. Her Dr. started her on penicillin shots so she stopped taking Marine Phytoplankton. Her sugar count went up, and then up some more until one night it hit 382. I told her flat out that she was going to take Marine Phytoplankton with her. First night she had a 142-point drop. Three days later her readings were in the 170s and going down little by little." K. W.

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