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What Is The Basic Science Behind FrequenSea?

The new science of Metabolomics (American J. Clinical Nutrition 2005;82:497.) is revolutionizing the way we think about health and disease. Its simplicity is astounding, especially when we realize that we have always intuitively known the principles Metabolomics is founded upon: energy produced by our cells is indispensable for them to carry out their assigned duties. For this to occur, for our cells to metabolize, they need air, food, and the ability to get rid of the "metabolites," or toxins, or byproducts of combustion generated by our production of energy, or metabolism. This is why "FrequenSea" is named thusly: energy from the seas. Just like any ordinary machine (which has been patterned after own cell metabolism) needs air, fuel, and a mechanism to dispose of fumes and waste products, our cells have the same energy needs. It does not matter that some cells work in the brain, and others are shaping our little toes. They have different outputs and functions, but they basically work the same way. Essentially, they all require energy, and a way to take out the garbage. Consequently, our cells depend in all respects from the energy derived from our sun. Its energy is suffused throughout our planet, fuelling life at all levels. Plants absorb this energy (photosynthesis), which is later consumed by animals and humans. In these modern days, we have no difficulties understanding the concept of energy sustaining our economies, and way of life. Truly, everything about our communities depends on the energy generated by our sun. Energy may be secondarily obtained from atoms, wind, oil, etc., but its ultimate source is the sun itself. Well, the energy from the sun also constitutes and fuels everything about our anatomy and physiology. Now, back to the simple science of Metabolomics: Most of the Nobel prizes in Medicine and Biology have been awarded to the concept of "cell communication," which is how our 100 trillion cells get their metabolic function coordinated. (J. Science, November 26th, 2004.) The main purpose of cell communication is coordinating our metabolism. Cell communication takes place mostly at the level of the outer cell membrane, which is equipped with antennae, or radar-like glycoproteins. These "receptors" are literally shaped into "lock-like" structures, by the energy produced within the cells themselves. Messages turn out to be "key-like" glycoproteins, or molecules that will need to match the "lock-like" structures. Ihe mitochondria are specialized organelles in charge of producing the energy necessary to fuel all activity within the cell. Mitochondria function takes place mostly in their own cell membranes, too. While the nuclei are very important to all cells, they are only a blue print to guide the production of each cell. The messages therein produced, are sent from the cell membrane, and received by other cells' membranes throughout the body. (J. Science, May 31st, 2002 & 2003;300: l461-l604.) So, the structure and function of our cell membranes is extremely important for our receptors to successfully receive the messages generated from other cells, thus coordinating our cells' metabolism and function. And, what are our cell membranes made of? Sugars, proteins and fats! In other words, nutrition provides not only the fuel needed for our cells to function, but also the very molecules our cells need to be structured properly. A failure to eat properly will result in practically all manner of diseases. No wonder that "food is the best medicine!" ("Life's Complexity Pyramid," J. Science 2002;298:763.) A classical example of a "failure to communicate" (think of "Cool Hand Luke") at the cellular level is insulin resistance, the scourge of our modern days. Simply put, our cell membranes throughout the body are becoming rigid and inflexible, because of poor dietary intake, environmental pollution, and stressful lifestyles, thus compromising response to the most important metabolic messenger: insulin. Insulin finds the receptors and the cell membrane of our cells somewhat unresponsive, which can trigger practically all diseases. ("Second world congress on the insulin resistance syndrome," J. Diabetes Care 2005;28:2073.) We can say that consumption of refined sugars, which is rampant and addictive in our society, constitutes a source of toxicity to the cell membranes. With these types of foods, cell membranes also become inflamed, since they lack the micronutrients to quell the fire produced by our metabolic furnaces. These processed foods lack antioxidants to neutralize all the oxidating free radicals produced by our metabolic furnaces, and by toxins in the environment. Thus, our cell membranes also become oxidized. Since the mitochondria (our cell furnaces) also depend on healthy cell membranes (composed of the right sugars, fats, and proteins) to produce energy, or metabolize, poor nutrition will cause mitochondrial dysfunction. These are the most basic mechanisms known in modern medicine. (J. American Medical Association 2004;291:358.) It is this simple: Due to our diet, environmental pollution, and stressful lifestyles our cell membranes can become rigid, and unresponsive, thus compromising metabolism by interfering with cell communicating messages. ("The puzzle of complex diseases," J. Science 2002;296:698.) Cell membranes are then oxidized, toxic, inflamed, and lacking in mitochondrial metabolism. This fulfills the prediction by a physicist, David Deutsch, who opined that the day would come when medicine would figure out that very simple concepts are at the root of all health issues, much the same as Physics is based on very simple and all-encompassing principles. ("The Fabric of Reality," 1997.) As noted above, FrequenSea is loaded with the micronutrients needed by cells to maintain cell membrane integrity, and function. This assures good cell communication. The same micronutrients fuel the cells' mitochondria to make energy. Also, these micronutrients are needed to fuel detoxification, which is necessary in any organism, or machine creating energy (think of engine combustion). Since energy absorption requires very good intestinal function, FrequenSea's micronutrients' healing of the intestinal lining increases the availability of these molecules. The intestinal lining is made up of cells that may become "leaky," thus compromising energy/nutrient absorption, and the elimination of toxins from the environment, and our own metabolism. FrequenSea is a super-food. It contains practically all the nutrients necessary to sustain life. You may be trying to rely on piecemeal information, and complicated nutrition/supplement regimens, such as multiple pills and capsules of isolated vitamins. Consider switching to FrequenSea.

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