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The A.M.P. Process

No Heat or Chemicals Used in Extracting or Preserving the Ingredients in FrequenSea!

So why is FrequenSea a one-of-a-kind product? ForeverGreen uses a natural, environmentally conscious process to extract essential ingredients for FrequenSea. Their products are designed to preserve as large a percentage of the whole essence of nature as possible. To do this, they use a proprietary extraction process that results in a highly-concentrated liquid containing the power of the entire plant, even beyond the concentration of essential oils. Nowhere else, can you find such a unique & natural method of extraction!

CO2 Extraction (Super Critical Fluid Extraction):
Instead of common extraction methods involving molecule-killing processes of heat, distillation, or harmful hazardous solvents and chemicals (acetone or hexane), ForeverGreen uses CO2 extraction to capture every nutrient from the whole plant without destroying its nutrients. This is done by placing the plant, herb, flower, root, etc., into CO2 pressure chambers. When a certain amount of pressure is applied to CO2 (carbon dioxide), it turns into liquid. This liquid CO2 can be used as an inert, safe liquid solvent. CO2 is the gas we exhale from our lungs. It is also the gas that plants thrive on. This unique CO2 extraction process preserves the essential oils, resins, and powerful antioxidant rich phytonutrients of the whole plant. According to Preman Brady: "When we are done with the plant, there is nothing left." By changing the pressures, the entire plant can be liquefied.

The AMP Process:
After the oleoresins (a combination of essential oil and plant resin), phytonutrients, antioxidants, fixatives, vitamins, and volatiles are extracted out from the plants, we then put them through our AMP process. This exclusive proprietary process renders our PLC's water soluble, and therefore instantly bio-available! The combination of the CO2 process and the AMP process emulsifies the whole plant kingdom in it's integrity, in water, without the use of any chemicals or heat, making the AMP the leading edge of the next generation of health & wellness!

Only at ForeverGreen can you embrace health with 200 species of phytoplankton and the bioavailability of AMP'ed superfoods!

Very important NOTE: The human body is walking water. What we drink today, walks and talks tomorrow!

Brain = 75% water
Cells = 96% water
Blood = 90% water
Heart = 79% water
Muscle = 76% water
Skin = 72% water
Bone = 22% water
Body overall = 70% water

For optimal health it's necessary to drink plenty of clean pure water!

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