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Environmentally Safe - Above Sea Coral Harvesting

Coral reefs are considered an endangered species!

Above sea coral was a thriving reef thousands of years ago before it was geologically pushed up above the water. Through the eons of time layers of dust that slowly became layers of topsoil covered this above sea coral. This is the state of the coral before being harvested by Coral LLC: pristine white fossilized coral heads protected beneath a layer of soil.

The actual harvesting process is similar to a typical sand or gravel quarry here in the United States. The soil is scraped away and the coral material is excavated. The pristine white coral material runs in horizontal layers, intermixed with other brown and gray material. Special care is taken to separate the white coral from the dirty material. And after the white coral is separated, it is taken to the grinding facility where it undergoes a 3 stage grinding process before purification with ozone.

Many companies sell below water coral that they say is "only the dead coral debris vacuumed up from around the reefs." While this is somewhat true, what they really do is dredge the ocean floor around the reefs with huge industrial dredging equipment that not only takes the dead coral debris but destroys the reef eco system and the precious animal kingdom that called it home.

One can not destroy part of an ecosystem without harming the remainder. For example, there is more living organisms and creatures that live in a dead tree than a live one. If all of the dead trees were eliminated from a forest, the forest would lose it’s vitality. The same is true for coral reefs: the dead coral debris plays an important role in the health of the entire reef.

That is way, some prefer the harvesting of above sea coral for two reasons:

1. Coral from above the water line is free from the heavy metals and other toxins that industrialized society has dumped into the oceans.

2. The below sea living coral reefs are on the endangered species list and taking coral (dead or alive) from the ocean floors could harm the living reef. The mineral analyses of the different corals are nearly identical.

Please do your part in protecting the reefs!

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