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Bullet Points on Marine vs. Fossilized Coral
    • Marine coral is the cheapest form of coral harvesting available
    • We do not claim that Marine is a lower grade, we recognize that both products work.
    • Marine coral is derived from sand and debris with no real way of knowing that it is really coral, let alone purity issues.
    • Some companies simply claimed there was a grading system but no such standard exists within the industry outside of his creation.
    • Just because they are no longer claiming harvesting off of reef shelves, sucking up 3 feet of “top soil” from the bottom of the ocean ANYWHERE can not be ecologically friendly. If we were to embark on such a practice on land every environmental agency would be up in arms.
    • The Japanese government allows/regulates this operation. They allow whaling too.
    • Professionals such as Dr. Chappell, and the late Dr. Halstead would/have/will attest to the quality of fossilized coral and yet Barefoot is the only person that I know of that claims it to be of higher quality.
    • The dredge companies used to claim it was dredged from right off the reefs, which is when the fossilized people took a stand ecologically protecting the reefs. Now they admit to dredging 2 to 5 km off the reefs. How do they know its even coral that far away?
    • If you heat raw almonds in a regular conventional oven to 300 F, they will not sprout. What changes take place at 1000 F?



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