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Transfer Factor and T-Cells

The abilities we have to protect ourselves are both instinctive and learned. Our instinctive responses are untrained and are our first defensive responses to an outside threat. The strength of our instinctive response oftentimes determines its effectiveness in getting us out of danger. The better our hearing, vision, and agility, the better we are able to recognize and dodge threats that may suddenly appear in our environment. Just like our instinctive responses to physical threats, our innate immune responses are part of our instinctive response to microbial threats.

The immune system has various response capabilities. Certain of these responses are instinctive and are part of what is called the innate response. These instinctive responses exist naturally without prior training. The extent of the response, however, varies according to the conditioning of the system. A better conditioned system produces a stronger response to a given stimulus. If this innate, instinctive, and first – line immune defense is adequate no additional response is necessary.

Within the immune system certain fungal factors and other glyconutrients condition the system and increase its innate responsiveness. Cordyvant is a balanced, proprietary blend of glyconutrients designed to enhance the innate immune response and strengthen of our first-line defensive response.

If our innate ability to physically defend ourselves is inadequate, then we must learn additional skills such as boxing, Judo or Karate. Similarly, our innate immune ability may be inadequate against the microbial mob. In these cases our immune system has the ability to learn new skills. A strong immune system has the ability to invent new techniques to deal with each new challenge. This called the adaptive or learned response of the immune system.

If one looks at the education of immune cells, it is as if they go through a grammar school, prep-school, college, and graduate level training. The thymus is grammar school and prep-school for the T-cells. T-cells include T-helper cells, T-suppressor cells and Cytotoxic T-cells. T-helper cells assist the rest of the immune system cells in performing their important functions. T-suppressor cells help control the immune response and keep the immune system from overreacting. Cytotoxic T-cells (often called Cytotoxic T-Lymphocytes (CTL)) are like a police force that generally deals with threats to the community.

The primary and secondary immune training functions of the thymus gland are weak in infants and increase in strength up until the time of puberty. After puberty the thymus gland begins to shrink and continues to diminish in size and effectiveness throughout the rest of our lives. The deterioration of the thymus within the immune system is like the weakening of the public school system. Without a strong primary and secondary school system many children have neither the math nor the language skills to adequately understand the instructions given to them. Many things can reduce the immune system’s training and learning capability. These include immaturity, aging, and stress from a variety of sources such as poor nutrition, emotional strain, infectious assault, or injury. ThyRex provides enrichment courses and substitute teachers for those of our own thymus instructors who are sick or too old to keep up with the current information in our changing environment.

After leaving the thymus school the T-cells develop additional skills through on-thejob training as they work against various infectious agents. If the job is too complex, too unfamiliar, or too critical the T-cells may not be able to develop skills fast enough by themselves. When this happens additional outside training and instructions are needed. Transfer Factor XF provides the college and graduate level training to the T-cells. This information comes from outside experts who donate their wisdom and experience to the T-cells. Transfer Factor XF provides university level training to the T-cells.

Transfer Factor XF teaches courses in immune system induction for the T-helper cells. Transfer Factor XF also instructs T-suppressor cells in control and containment of the immune system energies so that good cells are not damaged. Cytotoxic T-cells are provided sets of microbial "Wanted" posters and weapons training so as to better recognize and neutralize threats to the domestic tranquility.

Each function of the immune system is important in our overall health. A full supplement training program strengthens all aspects of the immune system and provides the best protection for the cellular citizens of our body.

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