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Bird Flu

Avian or bird flu is a relatively new strain of the influenza type A virus that affects both domesticated and wild birds. There have been a number of cases of this virus in humans, some resulting in fatalities. To-date, the H5N1 strain of influenza found in infected birds has NOT been shown to be transmissible between humans. Those humans infected with this flu strain have apparently been exposed to it through their close contact with infected birds.

The transfer factors used in our products are obtained, in part, from chicken egg yolks. The chickens that we use have been held in strict quarantine for several years now. We follow a strict biocontrol protocol with all of our flocks. Workers wear isolation suits to protect the birds. Any new birds added to an existing flock are kept in quarantine until it is certain that they will not introduce any harmful organisms into the flock. All of our birds are routinely checked by highly qualified veterinarians, and any sick or dying birds are immediately removed and the cause illness or death determined.

Influenza type A affects all animals to one extent or another. As such both cows and chickens are exposed to some form of the virus several times during their lives. This also means that they have formed transfer factors specific to the strains to which they have been exposed. All influenza viruses have some physical characteristics in common.

Typically an animal will produce 2-5 transfer factor molecules specific to a given virus upon exposure. Some of these molecules will also offer a level of protection against viruses of the same class.

Therefore, while our birds and cows have not been and will not be exposed to Avian influenza they may still carry transfer factors which could help protect against infection with the H5N1 influenza strain.

In addition, supplementation with transfer factors alone or especially in combination with the other immune modulating compounds like those found in Transfer Factor Plus Advanced formula will help strengthen your immune system, better enabling it to ward off infection from most any source, including avian influenza.

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